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I highly recommend re-mortgaging your house before eating here!

This is my second visit to the Alcazaba Lagoon. I want to point out that the Lagoon itself is fantastic. The lagoon, setting, water sports, pools, service, apartments, gardens and staff are brilliant. I really would encourage you to visit there, it’s stunning!

The restaurant was….the biggest food disappointment of 2020 sadly. The only positive I can muster is the setting! So here goes…

Food-Reminded me of primary school dinners. We ordered:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese (Mine)

Pasta was over cooked, the sauce was tasteless, there was a little bit of mince mixed into the whole field of carrots thrown into my bowl. If you know me you will know I don’t leave food… see pic below!

  • Avocado Tartar Salad

Was wetter than an Otter’s pocket. There was enough water on the plate to top up the lagoon. We sent the ‘salad’ back as it was unappetising, sloppy, one prawn dumped on top and the salmon rose, looked more like a snail! Another salad appeared with a little tin of Felix/tuna and a black hard boiled egg. We tried to complain and we were ignored… surprise, surprise.

  • Margarita Pizza with Chilli

Not too bad if you are 12 years old… but for a full grown man- more of a snack! The chilli was missed off but a chilli oil did appear after he had eaten half of it. But in general this meal wasn’t too bad.Β 

  • Burger

Shut your eyes and imagine an egg being run over. Now look below, how many times do you think that’s been run over?! The burger was over cooked, the salad wasn’t fresh and the chips were cold. My other half was starving and doesn’t like to complain but even he left food on his plate! The latter picture is what the burger should look like…

Service- We asked to sit by the water- straight NO (one other table in the restaurant) we were seated inside and it took 10 minutes to take our drinks order (we were roasting by then) another 10 minutes we then received the drinks and ordered. All 4 meals came at different times, over a 5 minute period. We asked for more drinks, apparently only two people can take drinks orders. They were busy apparently so another 10 minute wait. We were so fed up and just wanted to use the facilities (had been there 1.5 hours). We finally paid the bill (it was wrong at first) and even after leaving all the food/sending food back; they didn’t care one bit. We ordered some waters to take on the beach… only one person is allowed to use the till, so you guessed it- ANOTHER WAIT! I feel sorry for the staff working there, they were clearly embarrassed and expecting complaints which they couldn’t do anything about. Very expensive for the quality, portion sizes and service.Β 

Whilst I hate writing reviews like this and especially in times like these; this blog is forking honest. I hope they take on board their reviews and we’re invited back to see how they have improved!Β 

Zero Forks Given


Menu- 🐌🐌🐌

Wine- Menu looked good

Service- 🐌

Value for Money-


Decor- 🐌🐌🐌🐌

 (Key- 1🐌 forking awful, 3🐌 forking decent and 5🐌 forking amazing!)