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When I started writing this blog, I always said it would be forking honest. This has to be the WORST experience I have EVER had in a restaurant.

I decided to bring my parents out for a curry to thank them for everything they do for me….. They must have felt like they were being punished after this meal!!

The restaurant was very quiet but still look 10 minutes to take our order. We received our drinks, the wine list isn’t great but not bad value for what they have available. We proceeded to order:

A chicken Biriyani (Mum’s) 10.00€
A Chicken Madras (Mine) 8.95€
A King Prawn Patia (Dad’s) 15.95€
2 Pilau Rice 6.00€
3 Naan Breads 9.00€
1 bottle of White Marques de Riscal 18.00€
6 Poppadoms 4.80€
Total Bill- 72.70€

The poppadoms arrived, burnt.

After a wait of 30+ minutes our food finally arrived, I wish it hadn’t!

The Madras had no kick to it whatsoever and consisted of thin, cheap bits of chicken and not much of it! No flavour at all, very disappointing.

The Biriyani was decent my Mum said. Nothing to write home about but perfectly fine. No complaints there.

The King Prawn Patia was just a disaster. There were just 3 small Prawns; I’ve seen bigger clams than these so called ‘King Prawns!’ The curry itself was tasteless- more like a watery gravy with some floating coriander, lukewarm at best too!

Now I know chefs and restaurants have off days but the reason the review is titled experience and not food is what happened next….

*Dum Dum Dummmmmmm* (Must sing in head)

We called over the waiter (Lovely man and so was his wife who was also working) Unbeknown to us the owner was sitting at the bar. We explained VERY politely that the dish was tepid, there were only 3 small prawns and it was watery and not very nice at all. The owner stormed over and began to shout at us in front of the other 10 diners who were now present. He bellowed that you only get 3 prawns for 15.95€ and we shouldn’t be so greedy!!! We couldn’t believe what we were hearing, even the other people eating stopped and were gobsmacked. He refused to take the dish away and get my father a fresh one. I must point out my dad had only tasted a mouthful and all 3 ‘King Prawns’ were untouched. I told him about my Madras and he basically told me to ‘Fork Off’… Wonderful service!

By this point we were fed up of being screamed at and called greedy and whatever else he was calling us in his native language. We said we would settle the bill for what we ate but we would not pay for the Madras or Patia (we hadn’t actually touched the naans or rice either) This was apparently not good enough and he then proceeded to scream and shout at us like we were and Britney. Other diners tried to defuse the situation as he was getting very angry (My dad has 20+″ biceps so this man so he must have taken a brave pill!)

I then asked for the complaints book. He point-blank refused to give me it. I wasn’t 100% sure on the complaints book procedure but I knew all establishments must have one. He refused to give me it and yelled at us to leave etc. By now we were so upset and embarrassed we just put the money on the table and left.

Here’s some information about the Complaints Book I didn’t know at the time-

By law every bar, restaurant, shop and business in Spain has to have a complaints book, knows as “hojas de quejas y reclamaciones” which you can ask for should you need to make a complaint in Spain. Its a form in triplicate. You fill it in at the establishment’s premises and you keep the green and white copy, and the business you are complaining against keeps the pink copy. You take the white copy to your local consumer office (OMIC), together with any evidence such as receipts, invoices, photographs, copies of letters/emails and so on. You keep the green copy for your own records. The local consumer office will then investigate your complaint and contact the company you’re complaining about. You should hear back within a couple of months.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and looking forward I now know what to do if it were ever to happen again.

We will never return to this restaurant again and would like to thank the very kind diners who came out to make sure we were ok after.

Having been to other local curry houses like New Delhi (My favourite in Sotogrande) and Ivory (Also very nice and a great setting) I would highly recommend visiting these instead of being abused in Hindu Kurma (Also known as Hindu Korma)

Sorry for the lack of pictures! You wouldn’t be able to see the prawns anyway!

Zero Forks Given

Food- 🍚
Menu- 🍚🍚🍚
Wine- 🍚🍚
Service- 0
Value for Money- 0
Location- 🍚🍚🍚🍚
Decor- 🍚🍚
( Key- 1🍚 forking awful, 3🍚 forking decent and 5🍚 forking amazing!)

Hindu Kurma Information
Av. Mar del Sur, 48, 11312 Torreguadiaro, Cádiz

*Review from 2019

1 thought on “The FORKING Worst Experience *HINDU KURMA REVIEW*”

  1. Can’t believe how awkward that situation must have been for you and your parents… Customer service is a key aspect for businesses and as important as their food (in this particular case).

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